ISDN Layer 1 failure to activate when enabled

The ISDN Layer 1 microcode was unable to activate the D channel Layer 1 when the trunk was enabled. This could be caused by having no cable for the trunk, a bad cable between the trunk and the switch, or the switch not being configured correctly.

Ensure the cable from the switch to the 9295 is plugged in at both ends. If the cable is plugged in, ensure that there are no alarms being detected when trying to enable this pack, for example, Loss of Signal, Loss of Synchronization, or Bipolar violations. If there are, this normally indicates a cable problem or a switch configuration error. Refer to the Blueworx Voice Response Installation information to see the requirements for ISDN installation of Blueworx Voice Response. Temporary RAI red alarms at enable time are normal and should not cause this error. Try to re-enable the trunk on which the error occurred. If this does not solve the problem, shut down and restart Blueworx Voice Response. If this does not solve the problem, shut down and restart the pSeries system unit. If none of the above is successful call Blueworx Support.




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