ISDN Layer 3 had Layer 2 data link timer expiry

The ISDN Layer 3 started a timer on trying to get Layer 2 to establish a data link to the switch so that Layer 3 messages could be sent. This timer has expired; the data link could not be established, so no outbound or incoming calls can be made.

Check that there are no other alarms on the pack, such as Loss Of Signal (LOS) or Remote Alarm Indication (RAI). If there are, check the cabling between the switch and the pack to remove these alarms. If there are no trunk alarms present it may mean that the ISDN Layer 2 protocol between the switch and Blueworx Voice Response is not active or working. Contact someone who can check the status of the Layer 2 protocol using a Protocol Analyzer or the ISDN_MONITOR tool in Blueworx Voice Response, which displays Layer 2 and 3 when working. If the switch is sending out Layer 2 messages to start the link SABMEs and Blueworx Voice Response is not responding, there may be a problem. Disable and re-enable the trunk on which the error occurred and try again. If the problem persists, stop and restart the signalling process using the Custom Server Manager menu option. All other trunks using the signalling process are disabled. If this does not solve the problem shut down and restart Blueworx Voice Response. If none of the above is successful call Blueworx Support.




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