Pack has failed too many times. Re-enable cancelled.

The referenced pack has failed more times during the current one-hour period than specified in the system parameter "Maximum Retries for Pack/Adapter Reenabling". The pack will NOT be reenabled, despite any indications you receive. This is to stop the pack constantly recycling and potentially severely impacting the availability of the rest of Blueworx Voice Response. The pack is left disabled.

Check the error log to find out why the pack is failing. You can try to re-enable this pack manually, but it is not likely to work. If you want to allow the pack recovery procedures to attempt more retries, modify the value of the "Maximum Retries for Pack/Adapter Reenabling" system parameter in the General parameter group in System Configuration, although any change will not take effect until Blueworx Voice Response is restarted.




Log, System Monitor