SDI detected signalling process termination

SDI has been notified that the signalling process (shown below the message) has died. If any trunk is currently controlled by this signalling process, operations will be adversely affected. SDI detects this situation and automatically takes the trunk out of service until the signalling process has recovered. The symbolic procedure name is listed as a parameter, for example, SL_PROC_EUROISDN.

Disable any trunks using this signalling process, restart the signalling process, then re-enable the affected trunks. To find out which signalling process the ID refers to, see the Blueworx Voice Response header file `slcommon.h'. If you are using an Exchange Data Link Signalling process to gather additional call information, you might want to keep the trunk enabled if the signalling process fails, and to default to a different application profile. If so, change the setting of the "Trunk Interlock - EDL" parameter (in the Trunk Interface Group) to DISABLED. The trunk will then not be disabled.




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