OAM time out on automatic enabling of trunks

System configuration parameters specify that one or more trunks should be enabled automatically after Blueworx Voice Response starts. The necessary preconditions were not satisfied within the time specified in the Trunk Initialization Timeout parameter. The error message indicates the precondition that was not satisfied. These are: 1. If 3270 support is installed, and at least one session is configured, the 3270 server must be ready. 2. If the trunk is configured to use one or more signalling processes, the signalling processes must be ready. 3. If this trunk uses common channel signalling from another trunk (for example, ISDN NFAS), that trunk must be enabled. Other error messages can identify a problem with those subsystems.

Check that there is no problem with 3270 servers or signalling processes. Both these must be ready for use before VPACKs and SPACKs can be initialized. If the problem concerns 3270 server, and you do not require 3270, disable the 3270 interlock using the Trunk Initialization Interlock - 3270 Server system parameter. Likewise, you can disable the DTBE interlock using the Trunk Interlock - DTBE Environment system parameter. If you cannot find anything wrong, increase the value of the Trunk Initialization Timeout parameter.




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