Custom server function not called in initial thread

Multi-threaded use of the custom server library is not supported. Here, a custom server function has been called from a thread other than the initial thread. The error is logged only once for each custom server application process, when the first out-of-initial-thread function call is detected. By default Blueworx Voice Response runs with the environment variable AIXTHREAD_SCOPE=S. If AIXTHREAD_SCOPE is changed this error can be issued because of the mapping of user and kernel threads even though only one user thread is used.

No action is required unless there are problems running the custom server. If custom server functions are called from different threads in the custom server program, unexpected results can occur. In this case it will be necessary to redesign the custom server program to avoid the problematic thread interaction. To find which functions use which threads format a trace with print_trace -Opid=on,tid=on,cpu=on