Device driver lost communications link to embedded software

The Blueworx Voice Response device driver has detected a problem with the communications link which connects the device driver with the embedded software running on the adapter. The device driver detects there is a problem in several ways, including: * A primitive has been sent to the adapter, but a response to that primitive was not received by the device driver in the allowable time period. The correlator object used to track the primitive response timed out. * The Primitive_DataCnf primitive timed out. * The driver waited for a location in memory to be set to a value before it could use the information in a DMA data block. * The driver waited for too long, indicating some problem either in the embedded software, the driver timeout code, or the DMA operation over the PCI bus.

Restart Blueworx Voice Response. If this problem persists, call Blueworx Support.




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