Configuration method failed to get vital product data (VPD) from hardware.

As part of the Blueworx Voice Response startup procedure, several hardware devices are configured. To configure a device, Blueworx Voice Response needs to know the device type, model, and version number. This information is held in a block of data known as the vital product data (VPD). The VPD is burnt-in to memory on the hardware device. The sysconfig() call is used to ask the hardware device driver what the VPD contains. The configuration method failed to read this VPD information from the hardware device, due to a failure reported by the sysconfig() AIX function call. Either the sysconfig call itself failed, or some other failure was detected by the device driver.

The I/O subsystem cannot use this device. The I/O subsystem cannot be started. If the problem persists, call Blueworx Support.




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