Outbound call failed on Feature Group D

An outbound call using Feature Group D could not complete. This can be caused by an incorrect dialed number format, or because Feature Group D is not enabled on the switch. Note: Outbound Feature Group D is supported only on the E&M and DID protocols.

Check the state table action performing the outbound call. The format of the digits should look something like C0123DC4567D, where 0123 is the ANI number and 4567 is the DNIS (destination) number. Check that Feature Group D support is enabled on the switch. If the problem persists, call Blueworx Support. To help solve the problem have the following available when you call: - Details of the switch and Blueworx Voice Response setup. - Details of the version of Blueworx Voice Response you are using, along with details of any PTFs that have been applied. - A system-level trace of the problem




Log, System Monitor