T1 remote alarm indicator qualified alarm

Blueworx Voice Response has received a Remote Alarm Indication (RAI) from the terminating equipment (CSU, PABX, channel bank, and so on) for 335ms to 1000ms. The RAI is sent to indicate that the terminating equipment is in an out-of-frame (OOF) condition for more than two seconds. RAI is transmitted by setting bit two to 0 in every channel, or by the FS bit in frame 12 of the T1 digital signal. RAI occurs when enabling a pack connected to terminating equipment. Normally the RAI clears in 10 to 20 seconds and message 17017 is logged. If the alarm does not clear after 20 seconds, follow the steps in User Response.

Check that the Blueworx Voice Response T1 Remote Alarm Format (RAI using bit 2 or FS bit) matches the remote alarm format of the terminating equipment. Determine the Blueworx Voice Response T1 Remote Alarm Format by clicking Configuration... System Configuration... Trunk Interface and selecting the trunk concerned. The most common format is RAI using bit 2. If the configurations match, test the telecommunication line cable. Check the telecommunications cables and connections to the network. Check that all cable connectors are firmly seated. Run the diagnostics described in the Problem Determination information. If the cable and Blueworx Voice Response are OK, the problem is with the terminating equipment or the transmission path beyond the Blueworx Voice Response telecommunication line cable. Call Blueworx Support with the details and results of all tests you have tried.




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