E1 64KB alarm indicator signal qualified alarm

The 64KB Alarm Indication Signal (64KB AIS) is a continuous stream of binary 1s transmitted only in timeslot 16 in all frames, including frame 0 (the frame with the multiframe alignment signal or MAS). 64KB AIS results in the loss of multiframe alignment. When it receives 64KB AIS, Blueworx Voice Response sends a loss of multiframe alignment alarm (RMFAI) to the far end. If the terminating equipment (PABX, channel bank, and so on) shows RMFAI, the transmission path from Blueworx Voice Response to the terminating equipment, the transmit side of Blueworx Voice Response, and the receive side of the terminating equipment are probably functioning correctly.

Check the telecommunication cables and connections to the network. Check that all cable connectors are firmly seated. Run the diagnostics described in the Problem Determination information. If the cable and Blueworx Voice Response are OK, the problem is with the terminating equipment or the transmission path beyond the Blueworx Voice Response telecommunication line cable. Run appropriate diagnostics on the terminating equipment to see why it is generating a 64KB AIS. If the problem persists, call Blueworx Support with the details and results of all the tests you have tried.




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