SMSI: invalid calling number length

The length of a received calling number is invalid. It does not equal the Calling Number Length parameter. The error parameters indicate the expected number length, whether padding is enabled, the stripping character, the actual calling number received before any of the padding characters are stripped, and the complete EDL message.

Check that the numbers sent by the switch are consistent with the configuration parameters for Calling Number. If the configuration appears to be correct, call Blueworx Support and give them: - Details of your configuration for the Exchange Data Link. - A copy of the error log showing one or more examples of this error condition. - A system trace covering a complete call that generated this error. - If you are using the padding facility for numbers, give brief details of the numbering system you are using for your telephony setup (minimum length number, maximum length number, and the padding character if numbers are padded to a constant length).




Log, System Monitor