Error receiving data from custom server or 3270 server

See the error log for details. This error can also occur if you issue a SendData() action and the associated parameters do not fit into a 4KB block. Part of the 4KB block is taken by the SYS_ENVELOP and DPRBSTRUCT. Variables (including header information) must fit into the remaining 3948 bytes. The header information for each variable consists of three bytes: one for the type and two for the length. The amount of data is therefore reduced to 3948 bytes minus 3 bytes per variable. Also, for SendData() each variable is converted to a string. So, passing the parameter '1234.5678' uses three bytes for the header and nine bytes for the value. The information string for this error would contain "Too much data supplied to SendData".

Change the application or server so that less data is sent.




Log, System Monitor