CallPath call STLREL (Release_Program_Name) failed

STLREL failed either during CallPath Server link initialization or during CallPath_Sigproc shutdown. This notification is usually issued just before a CP053 or CP054 message. The CallPath return code and the parameters passed to and from the call are printed in the error.

STLREL tells the CallPath Server to clean up resources allocated to CallPath_Sigproc.

Check that the CallPath Server is available, and can be reached by the Blueworx Voice Response system. To check that it is available, from Blueworx Voice Response run ping server_name, and check that you get a valid response. The CallPath Server must be available before the custom server will work properly.

Check the CallPath return code. This might give the reason for the STLREL failure. For CallPath return codes, see the : CallPath Server Programmer's Guide and Reference.

If this error occurs frequently, you may need to manually remove the program names associated with the CallPath_Sigproc from CallPath Server using the CallPath Server Management facility. This frees resources allocated to those program names. Identify these program names by their descriptions which have “Blueworx Voice Response to CallPath Server Interface” in the description field.


White (error_id = 20501)


Log, System Monitor