Signalling interface: obsolete SL_CALL_ABORT_CNF

The Blueworx Voice Response signalling interface has detected that a signalling process has used an obsolete format of the SL_CALL_ABORT_CNF primitive. If this error occurs immediately after error 32010, a voice channel might also be blocked, and unavailable for use until you shutdown and restartBlueworx Voice Response .

If you are not using common channel signalling or a signalling process, this error should not occur. If you are using a signalling process, this error indicates that your signalling process has not been recompiled using the latest header files supplied with Blueworx Voice Response. Ensure that any signalling processes are recompiled. Programmer response: The SL_CALL_ABORT_CNF primitive was extended in IBM WebSphere Voice Response Release 1.5. Update your signalling process to include the process ID of the originating channel process in the pidOriginalCHP field of the SL_CALL_ABORT_REQ primitive. Failure to do this means that it is not possible to terminate the call when an extended period of silence is detected. (Note: in the SL_CALL_ABORT_CNF primitive, the pidCHP field contains the process ID of the signalling daemon, not the channel process.)




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