Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 migration errors related to DB2 software

Blueworx Voice Response 6.1 installation program (smitty) does not recognize a valid DB2 V9.5 installation when DB2 V9.5 already installed on the system but at a level lower than The installp may have reported SUCCESS on all the filesets, but the following database setup (DTdatabase) may fail.

To resolve the problem:

  1. Verify the DB2 level by running the command:
    Blueworx Voice Response 6.1 requires a level of or higher.
  2. If DB2 V9.5 is back level, do NOT install another copy of DB2 at a different install directory, instead upgrade the existing instance to DB2 V9.5 Fix Pack 4, downloadable from:
  3. Do not remove the DB2 V8 before running the DTdatabase -m command to perform the migration. After a successful migration, DB2 V8 can then be removed if required.