dtjlogmon script

The dtjlogmon script can be run in two modes: scan mode or test mode. In scan mode, the dtjlogmon script runs a command automatically when a specified error is logged to the VRBE log (.log) files or the Blueworx Voice Response trace (.trc) files. The default command run is dtbeProblem -s $DTJ_HOME/dtj_logs which collects a dtbeProblem output in the $DTJ_HOME/dtj_logs directory. In test mode, the dtjlogmon script inserts specified text in the active VRBE log file or active Blueworx Voice Response trace file to check that a specified command is triggered.

The dtjlogmon command runs shell script /var/dirTalk/DTBE/native/aix/dtjlogmon.

For information on using dtbeProblem to gather information about Java and VoiceXML environment, see Collecting Java and VoiceXML environment specific information.