Other licensed program products

Depending on how you want to use Blueworx Voice Response, you might need to install some other licensed program products before installing Blueworx Voice Response. Table 1 shows which products you need to install for using different Blueworx Voice Response functions.

Table 1. Licensed program products required




License Use Management GUI

License Use Runtime - supplied free with AIX

Include the filesets ifor_ls.base.cli and ifor_ls.java.gui

This is a mandatory prerequisite for the dirTalk.DT.rte fileset.

In smitty, the select:

  1. ifor_ls.java
  2. ifor_ls.msg.en_US or the appropriate file for the national language you require (for example, ifor_ls.msg.Ja_JP for Japanese).


Developing custom servers using C++ language

IBM XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition for AIX compiler

Must be purchased separately.

Using the 3270 feature

Communications Server for AIX - must be purchased separately.

include the filesets:
  • sna.rte
  • sna.lu0
  • sna.msg.en_US.rte

Using VoiceXML or the Java API

IBM Developer Kit and Runtime for AIX, Java Technology Edition (32-bit)

(also known as IBM 32-bit SDK for AIX, Java Technology Edition.)

Supplied free with AIX or as a free download.

6.0, Service Refresh 7 (SR7) 2

  1. To download LUM Runtime for AIX:
    1. Visit https://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/iwm/web/reg/pick.do?lang=en_US&source=lum
    2. If not registered, do so to obtain an IBM UserID.
    3. Login using your IBM UserID and password.
    4. Select Version 4 and click Continue.
    5. Find License Use Management Runtime for AIX, 4.6.8 FP13 in the list displayed.
    6. Select all packages for download, including:
      • ifor_ls.base_468FP13
      • ifor_ls.java_468FP13
      • ifor_ls.msg.en_US_468FP13 (if you are using English)
    7. Click Download now.
  2. To download the base Java 6 SDK (
    1. Visit http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/aix/service.html.
    2. Select Java 6 32-bit SDK. A DeveloperWorks login ID is required, so register if necessary.
      Note: Unless greater than 4GB address space is required, the 32-bit Java 6 JVM (32-bit) generally outperforms the 64-bit JVM (64-bit) in standard configurations.
    3. To download SR7 ( go to Fix Info on the same page. Note that to install, the base SDK must be installed first.

    Alternatively, if the AIX 6.1 Expansion Pack CD that you received with AIX 6.1 is available, and the version of Java 6 on there is or less, you can install it from the CD, and then apply fixes (downloaded as described previously) to bring it to