Migrating a system that uses HACMP

In an HACMP configuration, you can migrate by creating a partitioned system, which allows you to migrate some of the clients and one of each server pair to Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1, while the remaining clients and servers remain in a working Blueworx Voice Response Version 4.2 system (although the capacity of this system will be limited).

In this configuration, you can then stop the Blueworx Voice Response Version 4.2 partition and start the Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 partition. In this way, the downtime is reduced to the time it takes to quiesce the Version 4.2 partition, migrate the database and then bring the Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 clients and servers into the system.


Before you start, backup all the machines in the SSI cluster.

In the steps below, server A denotes the SSI server used as the DB2® server and server B denotes the SSI server used as the NFS server:
Note: Ensure that /home/dtdb23in/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg contains the HA service name of the DB2 node. If it does not, edit the file and ensure the HA system works before continuing.
Upgrade one or more clients:

On the first client machine:

  1. Quiesce telephony.
  2. Shutdown Blueworx Voice Response.
  3. Upgrade to Blueworx Voice Response as described in Software installation.
  4. If you are also migrating to Unified Messaging Platform Version 6.1, install the Unified Messaging base filesets.
Failover to server B and create a partition:

The DB2 and NFS services can be failed over to server B, so that server A can be upgraded while the system continues working at Version 4.2.

  1. On server A, failover all services to server B so that server B assumes the role of a DB2 server and NFS server.
  2. Install the filesets to upgrade to Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 on server A, but do not attempt to migrate the database at this stage.
Failback to the Version 4.2 partition (system down):

The system must now be stopped to allow services to be failed-back to server A and enable the database to be migrated from DB2 V8.1 to DB2 V9.5.

  1. Quiesce telephony on the back-level clients that are taking active calls (these clients are still on Blueworx Voice Response Version 4.2 and have not been upgraded yet).
  2. Shutdown Blueworx Voice Response on the back-level clients.
  3. Edit HAstartDT on server A so that the commands to start DB2 and Blueworx Voice Response are commented out. That is, comment out the following lines:
    #/usr/bin/su -$DBINSTANCE -c db2start >/dev/console 2>&1
    #su dtuser -c "/usr/lpp/dirtalk/tools/vaeinit.nox"
  4. Failback all services from server B to server A, so that server A assumes the role of a DB2 server and NFS server.

    At this point, the SSI cluster is down and not taking any calls.

  5. On server A, log in as root and run Blueworx Voice Response migration script by typing:
    • /usr/lpp/dirtalk/tools/DTdatabase –m

    This migrates the DB2 V8.1 instance and database to the DB2 V9.5 level.

Start operating using the partition and migrate the partition:

The Version 6.1 partition can now be started and operation can continue using this partition while the Version 4.2 partition is migrated.