Licensing overview

Blueworx Voice Response is license-enabled software. Your licenses should be enrolled and managed using the IBM License Use Management product. You need to ensure that License Use Runtime Version 6.1.0 or above is installed and correctly configured on your system before running Blueworx Voice Response.

Concurrent network license model

Blueworx Voice Response uses concurrent licenses. These are held by a network license server and temporarily granted to a Blueworx Voice Response system to allow it to run. While Blueworx Voice Response is still running on that system, the license remains unavailable to other networked machines. When Blueworx Voice Response stops running, the license is returned to the network license server, where it becomes available to other license client machines.

If your Blueworx Voice Response machines are not networked or you have a single standalone system, each machine can be configured to act as its own license server.

Customer-managed use

Blueworx Voice Response licenses are customer-managed, which means it is your responsibility to monitor the use of existing licenses and to purchase new licenses when necessary. License Use Runtime will provide you with all the information necessary to monitor license use on your system and the facility to enroll and distribute the licenses you purchase.

With customer-managed use you can choose a soft stop or hard stop policy.

If a license is requested under the soft stop policy and all licenses are already allocated, a temporary license will be allocated and Blueworx Voice Response will start without error. Where this occurs, you are expected and trusted to order more licenses from Blueworx without delay. License Use Management keeps a record of the maximum number of temporary licenses issued at any one time as a high-water mark. You can use the License Use Management Basic License Tool to monitor the high-water mark and determine whether you need to purchase more licenses.

Technically, if all the licenses are already in use and a further license is allocated, this is a license violation. However, choosing this option allows you time to purchase and distribute extra licenses without disruption to your business activities. If you have already purchased additional licenses but not yet enrolled and distributed them, you should do so at this time.

Hard stop policy still allows Blueworx Voice Response to start but Blueworx Voice Response will issue a red alarm and log an error.

Blueworx Voice Response uses soft stop as the default option. You can use the Basic License Tool to change the policy to hard stop and back again at any time.