Installing PTFs for Blueworx Voice Response

To install PTFs:

  1. Log on to AIX as root, if you are not logged on already.
  2. If you are installing PTFs from a CD, insert the CD in the drive and mount it.
  3. Type smitty update_all and press Enter .
  4. Overtype the INPUT device / directory for software field with the name of the mount point (for example, /cdrom) and press Enter.
  5. Leave the value in the SOFTWARE to install field as _update_all. You can leave all the other options as default values, or set them as you normally would.
    Note: Some of the options may need to be altered if there is not enough free disk space available for the install.

    Finally, ensure that the media is loaded correctly, and press enter to install.

  6. When the installation process is complete, exit SMIT and run vae.setuser to refresh file ownership. Enter the following command:
  7. The prompt Enter user ID for running Blueworx Voice Response (must begin with an alpha character): is displayed.

    Enter dtuser (unless you have set up an AIX account with a different name).

  8. The prompt Process All filesystems? ([y]/n/?) : is displayed.

    Enter y to set ownership and permissions across all relevant mounted filesystems (this is the default).

    Enter n to restrict ownership and permissions to the current path. With this option, you have to manually set permissions for other filesystems if you subsequently want to include them. The n option is likely to be used in configurations where a large number of voice segments, voice messages, or audio names or greetings are mounted on a separate filesystem, but already have the correct ownership and permissions. In this situation, entering y could cause vae.setuser to execute very slowly, possibly taking hours to complete.

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