Starting Blueworx Voice Response

This procedure tells you how to start Blueworx Voice Response using a graphical terminal.


Before you start Blueworx Voice Response, make sure you do the following:


  1. If you have not already used the vae.setuser utility, or you have installed any Blueworx Voice Response software since it was last used, you must run it now. See Setting the dtuser file permissions for instructions.
  2. Log on to the AIX user account that is set up for Blueworx Voice Response (normally dtuser).
  3. If necessary, start a terminal session.
  4. If the system displays the Login menu:
            Blueworx Voice Response User Login
    1) Start Blueworx Voice Response Processes
    2) Do Not Start Blueworx Voice Response 
    Enter choice (or <ENTER> for option list)
    Type 1.

    Otherwise, type the following command on the AIX command line, then press Enter:

    Type 1 when the system displays the Login menu.
  5. If $DISPLAY has not been set, you are prompted for your display name.
    If you are prompted, type your display name using the following format:


    where name is the host name, and number is the session number (normally 0); for example, magpie:0. Then press Enter.

    The system displays the Status window; most of the time, you can keep this window minimized.

  6. If you have just installed Blueworx Voice Response for the first time, the system displays the license acceptance window. You must accept the terms of the license agreement before Blueworx Voice Response will allow you to log on.
  7. The system displays the Welcome window and the Logon window:

    The Logon window.

    Type admin in the Administrator Profile Name field. The field is case-sensitive.

  8. Type admin in the Password field. This field also is case-sensitive.
    Attention: It is strongly recommended that you change this password immediately; see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System information for details.
  9. Click Logon, or press Enter.

    The system activates all menus on the Welcome window menu bar:

    The Welcome window.

Next step: You are logged on and ready to start using Blueworx Voice Response. Now go to Configuring the Blueworx Voice Response telephony.