The Blueworx Voice Response Graphical User Interface doesn't start

The Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Managing and Monitoring the System information explains how to stop Blueworx Voice Response by shutting down the system from the Welcome window. If you stop the system without shutting it down, the background processes may not terminate correctly.

Although Ctrl+Alt+Backspace shuts down AIXwindows, it does not stop the background processes. In addition, when you log on again, at least one buffer is lost. If you continue to do this, it is possible to use up the buffer pool. For these reasons, stopping the X server without shutting down Blueworx Voice Response first is not recommended. Always stop Blueworx Voice Response by selecting one of the shutdown options.

There may be a time when the system starts, the Welcome window is displayed, but you cannot log on from the Welcome window (the cursor still looks like a wristwatch). This can occur because of timing problems in the initialization procedure caused by system resource constraints. To rectify this, interrupt the Welcome window process (the DT process) using the kill command, and then restart it.

If Blueworx Voice Response starts but does not allow you to log on, you cannot stop it by selecting a shutdown action. Use the procedure set out in Stopping the run-time system to terminate the component processes and stop Blueworx Voice Response cleanly.