Changing the maximum number of user processes

Blueworx Voice Response is a collection of component programs. When necessary, the system runs multiple copies of the same component program at once. Each instance of a running program is called a process.

For example, when a call comes in on one of the telephone channels, Blueworx Voice Response runs the program that manages telephone calls. If another call comes in before the first call finishes, Blueworx Voice Response runs another instance of the same program (creates a new process) so that the calls can be handled simultaneously. During the course of each call, Blueworx Voice Response starts other processes to handle a voice application's requirement for information and other services.

In AIX terms, the processes Blueworx Voice Response runs are user processes. From the AIX point of view, Blueworx Voice Response is just another user. In Blueworx Voice Response, the process responsible for each call is called a channel process.