Rebuilding and reinstalling custom servers

Any custom servers that were installed under a previous release of AIX may not work following migration, so you must rebuild and reinstall them before they can be used. Even though the system might indicate that they have already been installed, they still may not work correctly.

If your custom servers are running on a single system image, and the nodes of cluster are running different versions of AIX, you must rebuild and reinstall your custom servers on the node that has the earliest version of AIX.

If you have written your own signalling processes, you will need to rebuild them because of the increase in the number of channel groups supported.


The C ++ compiler must already be installed and licensed.


Use this procedure to alter the date-time stamp, ensuring that you alter the correct files in the correct directory for the server.


  1. From the Welcome window , select Applications —> Applications to display the Applications window.
  2. Updating the date-time stamp on the .c files: This ensures that every source file gets recompiled.

    In the Applications window, select the Application to which the custom server belongs, then click Application —> Open


    The system displays the Application window.

  3. Click the Custom Servers icon to open the Custom Servers folder.
  4. Click the custom server, then click Object —> Open.

    The system displays the Custom Server window.

  5. Click Utilities —> Import.

    The system displays the Custom Server Import window. (This is an AIX terminal window.)

  6. Type touch *.c in the Custom Server Import window and press Enter.
  7. Close the Custom Server Import window and repeat steps 46 for each custom server.
  8. Rebuilding and reinstalling the custom servers: Use the instructions in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Custom Servers information to build and install the servers.

Next step: Before a voice application can use the server, you will also need to restart it, as described in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Configuring the System information.

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