How to use this information

The main sections of this information are made up of a sequence of procedures. This is how you should use the information:

  1. Getting an overview: Read Preparation.

    Use the information in this section to plan your installation or migration process. Preparing for installation gives you an overview of the procedures you need to follow when installing Blueworx Voice Response for the first time or when migrating to the new release.

  2. Connecting Blueworx Voice Response to the network: If your system is not already connected, follow the procedures in Connecting Blueworx Voice Response to the telephone network.
  3. Installing the software: Follow the procedures in Software installation. This section also describes how to start Blueworx Voice Response so that the installation can be verified by making a phone call to a telephone line connected to Blueworx Voice Response, which runs an application to answer the call.
  4. Licensing Blueworx Voice Response: Follow the procedures in License configuration.
  5. Configuring the system: After you have completed the installation or migration, follow the procedures in the following sections, as necessary:

    The tasks you need to complete depend on your set-up and environment.

  6. Starting up and shutting down: Read Starting, stopping, and restarting Blueworx Voice Response.

    This section contains additional information on startup and shutdown procedures, for more operational usage of Blueworx Voice Response.

When you have finished the procedures in this information, you have a system on which you can run the sample applications. You may have to perform further configuration activities if you intend to use a variety of switch protocols and facilities. Otherwise, you are ready to start creating applications and installing them ready for use.