Options for backing-up data prior to migration

The migration process for Blueworx Voice Response Version 6.1 will not affect your existing system or application data. However, you should always make a backup of your data prior to starting the migration process, so that you can recover if any problems are encountered.

Making a backup using mksysb

The safest option is to backup a complete image of your system by using the mksysb command. Although this can take a long time, it ensures that, if you do encounter problems during installation, you can easily get back to the point from which you started. Details of how to use the mksysb command can be found in the AIX: Installation Guide .

Making a backup using saveDT

An alternative method of backing-up data is to use the Blueworx Voice Response saveDT utility. However, unlike mksysb, this backs up only the application data, so if you encounter any problems during installation, you would need to separately reinstall the level of Blueworx Voice Response that you had been previously using, and then use the restoreDT utility to recover the data. In addition, the following types of data are not backed-up by the saveDT utility:

For detailed information about backing up data using saveDT, see Saving your current data.