Scalable CCXML and VoiceXML configurations

All CCXML and VoiceXML applications are stored centrally on a Web or application server. Blueworx Voice Response does not hold any of these applications and therefore does not require any of its own shared application features. The two key technology features that are frequently required are speech recognition and text-to-speech. To allow these to be run from VoiceXML, the Java and VoiceXML environment is also required. This environment allows CCXML or VoiceXML applications to be run on the same system as Blueworx Voice Response or on other systems that support a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Figure 1. VoiceXML applications using Blueworx Voice Response to access speech recognition servers
In this configuration, connected to the server there is a web server on which VoiceXML applications are stored. Also connected to the server are separate speech recognition servers.

Figure 1 summarizes how this system is put together. If speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies are used, they are normally configured in a pool of separate dedicated servers, such that multiple Blueworx Voice Response systems can use them to optimize system flexibility.

Figure 2. Accessing speech technologies using VoiceXML browsers on the same machine as Blueworx Voice Response
This figure is described in detail in the text that follows

Figure 2 shows the more detailed components. Blueworx Voice Response acts as the "Connection Layer" to interface to the telephone system. The VoiceXML browser layer runs on top of the Java and VoiceXML environment's runtime layer, and multiple browsers can be run at the same time in the same JVM. Multiple speech recognition and text-to-speech engines can be run on the same or different systems, and are connected to Blueworx Voice Response via a high speed LAN such as 100 MB Ethernet. The Java runtime layer that the VoiceXML browser uses can be run on systems other than the one that is running Blueworx Voice Response, allowing a more flexible system design if required. You can also run some VoiceXML Browsers on the Blueworx Voice Response machine and some VoiceXML Browsers on other systems to balance the application load—such a configuration is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Accessing speech technologies using VoiceXML browsers on separate machines to Blueworx Voice Response
This figure is described in the preceding text. It expands upon the previous figure, showing how the VoiceXML browsers can be run on machines separate to that running .