Voice applications in the real world

The telephone is a universal means of communication. All businesses and most homes have one. We're all becoming familiar with using the telephone to conduct all kinds of business, such as:

In each of these examples, a telephone call involves an agent (or service representative) talking to the caller, getting information, entering that information into a business application, and reading information from that application back to the caller. Voice response technology, as provided by Blueworx Voice Response, lets you automate this process.

In the on demand world, the telephone is an important means of communication. All the examples of business transactions listed above can be provided from a Web site. When you support your Web site with voice processing, you provide your customers with more choice in the way they do business with you.

Before we start looking at the functions and features that make Blueworx Voice Response the best choice for voice applications, we need to look in more detail at how those applications can help your business succeed.

The following two real-world examples discuss some of the demands being made on customer-facing businesses. For both examples, we show how a combination of Web-based services, supported by voice applications, and possibly by computer-telephony integration (CTI), can help you provide the best in customer service.

The examples are: