System management

ASCII console

Although you can use the Operations menu on the Blueworx Voice Response user interface to do most system management tasks (as described in Operations), a user interface that runs on an ASCII display is also available. This ASCII system management console gives you access to the same Blueworx Voice Response system resources, but does not require a display with graphics capability.

For details of the tasks you can perform using the ASCII console, see the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: User Interface Guide information.

Command line utilities

The command-line utilities are more convenient than the Blueworx Voice Response user interface if:

The command-line utilities are fully compatible with those in the similar window interface—for example, if you export an object using the window interface, you can import it using the command-line utility.

Integrating Blueworx Voice Response with network management facilities

You can integrate Blueworx Voice Response with your network management facilities by requesting Blueworx Voice Response to send alarms and current system information to a central systems management point. This enables a network of one or more Blueworx Voice Response systems to be managed from a central point, and also enables a central network operator to help with troubleshooting.

Simple Network Management Protocol:

If you have the correct software, you can useSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to obtain up-to-date status information on Blueworx Voice Response. This means that you can use NetView® or another SNMP-compliant network management package to obtain data such as the current status of each pack, the number of buffers available to hold voice segments, or the SNA status of a specific 3270 session. The status of Blueworx Voice Response resources can be modified via SNMP, enabling you to manage and control a Blueworx Voice Response system remotely.

SNMP traps can optionally be sent for some or all Blueworx Voice Response alarms when they occur.