Java overview

Blueworx Voice Response provides a Java application programming interface (Java API) that allows you to develop a voice application entirely in Java. The support for Java applications in earlier releases of Blueworx Voice Response was based on supplied JavaBeans, and applications developed in this way can run unchanged on the current release of Blueworx Voice Response. However, for all new applications, support is provided solely through the Java API.

From a Java application, you can invoke programs written in Blueworx Voice Response's proprietary state table programming language. You can also use Java as a wrapper layer to integrate VoiceXML dialogs with existing state table applications, although the recommended method for doing this is through CCXML . If your existing state table applications provide standard dialogs, or invoke custom servers that perform telephony activities such as tromboning or CTI, you can continue to use these state tables with CCXML, by making calls through Java programs.

For more detailed information about how Java voice applications work, see Using Java applications.