Importing prerecorded voice data for state table applications

If you have prerecorded voice data, you can use the batch voice import (BVI) utilities to import it. This set of utilities allows you to take voice data from an input source such as a digital audio tape (DAT) player, and turn it into segments in the Blueworx Voice Response voice segment database.

Batch voice import utilities automatically breaks the continuous audio stream into segments based upon periods of silence, and then move those segments into the Blueworx Voice Response voice segment database. The basic assumption is that the complete set of segments to be imported is recorded as one continuous stream of audio, with the end of one segment and the start of the next being identified by a period of silence that is longer than that which might occur within a segment.

The BVI utilities are described in detail in the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Application Development using State Tables.