Creating the voice output for applications

You can store the voice output (what the caller hears from applications) either as prerecorded voice segments or as text, from which speech can be synthesized dynamically. A voice segment consists of the spoken words (for example, “hello” or “good morning”) or sounds (for example, music) available to Blueworx Voice Response voice applications. A segment can be a single word, a sound, a phrase, one or more sentences, or a combination of words and sounds. A set of voice segments and voice logic modules are provided as part of Blueworx Voice Response—these include all the voice segments needed by the system prompts to produce numbers, letters, days of the week and other common sounds. You can either use the voice segments as supplied, or you can re-record them using a voice of your choosing to match that used in the applications. In the latter case, you can still use the supplied logic modules.