How does Blueworx Voice Response play background music?

Some requests take a while to process; playing background music during such periods can help to indicate to the caller that the application is still working on the request. Your organization might already play background music to callers during call transfer, and your decision to play music during voice applications, and your choice of music, should take this into consideration. You might decide to play neutral easy-listening music that suits the image of your organization, or to play something related to your latest advertizing campaign. Your background music does not have to be musical; it can be spoken information about your product, a dialog or interview about it, or just keyboard noises, if you want to make it sound as if the request is being processed by a person.

Note: Before you can use any music, you must obtain permission from the owner of any rights to it, such as copyright in the music and recording. However, you do have permission to use the sample tunes supplied with Blueworx Voice Response.
Figure 1. Using background music
The figure shows how, when background music is required to be played, the state table calls a custom server, which has access to a database of tunes. These are then played over a music channel to the caller.