Fax connection requirements

Blueworx Voice Response provides a custom server and state tables to assist in the sending and receiving of faxes, through easy-to-use state table interfaces. To use this fax support, you need to install a Brooktrout fax card and develop a fax application to suit your needs or, alternatively, modify an existing application to make use of fax. The fax card uses the TDM bus to connect to the Blueworx Voice Response telephony channels. Fax is supported only when DTTA is used to communicate with the telephone network, and not with DTNA or DTEA. The necessary device drivers for the fax card are supplied as part of Blueworx Voice Response to simplify installation and setup. A sample fax application is also supplied to demonstrate how a typical fax application can work with Blueworx Voice Response—this is fully documented and can be used as a model for a bespoke application.

Blueworx Voice Response can transmit data to a combined telephone and fax machine without breaking the call (one-call mode). It can also provide two-call fax support when the request for a fax arrives in an inbound call. At this point Blueworx Voice Response terminates the inbound call and makes an outbound call to dispatch the fax, either to a combined telephone and fax, or to a standalone fax machine.

For more details about using Blueworx Voice Response with a Brooktrout fax card, refer to the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: Fax using Brooktrout information.