Channel bank

If only analog connections are available from the central office or PABX, you can use a channel bank (or multiplexer) to convert the analog signals to digital, to enable connection to Blueworx Voice Response. This configuration is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. The channel bank converts analog to digital signals
This diagram shows a channel bank placed between a switch and a system to convert analog signals into digital.

In addition, some PABXs that support digital trunk protocols do not support call transfer signaling via the digital trunk. If your switch is one of these, you might want to connect Blueworx Voice Response to the switch through a channel bank. You might also need a channel bank if the switch transfers calls via digital trunk signaling protocols that Blueworx Voice Response does not support.

Blueworx Voice Response operates with most channel banks. However, when selecting a channel bank, you should ensure that it supports the protocols required by the switch connections and by Blueworx Voice Response.

A representative of your network provider or PABX vendor can help you determine whether you need a channel bank and what channel bank is suitable.