Voice messaging

Voice messaging allows people to leave spoken messages for others. The most obvious use is when a person tries to call someone else who cannot answer the phone. Instead of just hanging up and trying later, the caller is invited to “leave a message after the tone”. This is known as voice mail. Voice mail is stored in a voice mailbox.

Increasingly, users require more than just voice mail; they want all their mail anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The solution to this requirement is called unified messaging.

Unified messaging provides a central service that coordinates and provides access to all communications formats through the interface that is the most convenient to the user. For example, users can retrieve voice or fax messages over the Web, or have e-mail spoken to them over the phone using text-to-speech.

Blueworx offers a fully functional messaging product: Blueworx Unified Messaging Platform. Unified Messaging Platform is an application built on Blueworx Voice Response for AIX. So, if you're a Blueworx Voice Response for AIX user, or thinking of becoming one, find out more about Unified Messaging Platform from our Web site or your Blueworx representative.