How is an incoming call handled by Java?

When a call is routed to the Java environment, the called number is used to look up the appropriate Java application in a configuration file.

The WVR class, which represents the Blueworx Voice Response system, handles telephone calls and establishes communication with the Blueworx Voice Response system. The WVR class can also be used to make outgoing calls and to return the call at the end of the interaction.

The need for multiple application instances

Each instance of a Java application handles a single call at one time. You must have multiple instances of the application waiting for calls; as many as you expect to handle during your peak hour. If you have more than one application, you need a different set of instances for each, or you can have a top-level Java application that greets the caller, asks them what service they require, and calls other applications as needed. The called application can be written in Java, VoiceXML, or it can be a state table.