Enterprise Voice Portals and the Internet

With the growth of the Internet, new breeds of service company have been created: the Internet service providers (ISPs), application service providers (ASPs), and Voice Portals. All of these companies are very much focussed on using a web-centric application model to allow people easy access to services over the Web. Blueworx Voice Response can add voice processing to these services.

Blueworx Voice Response includes support for building solutions with VoiceXML and Java; this facilitates the creation both of Voice Portal solutions or voice interfaces to existing web-based applications. Existing web application infrastructure, web servers, application servers, and business logic, can be reused to deliver VoiceXML documents that define voice interactions, while the power and flexibility of Java can be used for more complex integration tasks. The addition of WebSphere Voice Server, or other MRCP-V1.0-compliant speech technologies to the system provides technologies for speech recognition and text-to-speech.