As a solution for contact and call centers

Blueworx Voice Response is the self-service channel in many contact and call center solutions. It is deployed between the telephone network and the call center switch, either behind the call center switch, or in front of the PBX or automatic call distribution (ACD) switch. Most call center deployments deploy Blueworx Voice Response behind the switch. Blueworx Voice Response is deployed in front of the switch where a significant percentage of calls will be completed in the IVR application, or where the Blueworx Voice Response is being used to provide call steering across several call centers. With VoIP SIP support, Blueworx Voice Response can also be used in IP contact/call center solutions. Blueworx Voice Response can be used in conjunction with products from the main Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) suppliers. By adding WebSphere Voice Server, or other MRCP-V1.0-compliant speech technologies, the self-service applications can support conversational speech, thereby making the customer interaction more natural and friendly.