As a platform for a service provider of on demand voice services

Blueworx Voice Response is a proven platform for delivering service provider services. It is an open platform running on AIX with CCXML, and VoiceXML industry-standard programming environments, as well as legacy voice programming environments for its existing customers. Blueworx Voice Response is resilient and highly scalable, as a result of its:

By adding WebSphere Voice Server, the service provider applications can support conversational speech and make the caller interaction more natural and friendly manner. They can also drive new services that are not easily achievable with DTMF interaction.

Other key on demand features of Blueworx Voice Response include the optimized variable costs model that allows you to manage the channel licenses you own through the product's Licence Use Management tools. These licenses are then only activated when channels are Enabled. This provides the flexibility to use licensed channels across whichever system or site that needs them to handle the dynamic application load.