Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI) support

This feature adds the following capabilities to your system:

Blueworx Voice Response provides ADSI function as standard, allowing applications to use the special functions provided by ADSI telephones. These telephones have display panels and programmable keys which can make user interaction with the voice program more user friendly. Some ADSI telephones also incorporate a Mondex card reader to enable Mondex smart cards to be updated.

Blueworx Voice Response provides the ability to send and receive ADSI data, enabling the keys to be programmed to suit the particular circumstances of the call, and short messages to be displayed on the telephone screen. The data transmitted to an ADSI telephone conforms to the Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) standard, and can be of two different types:
Server display control (SDC)
This type of data is sent when a voice application involves a continuing connection between the ADSI generating device, such as Blueworx Voice Response, and the ADSI telephone.
Feature download management (FDM)
This allows a number of alternative display and key setups (overlays) to be downloaded and stored in the ADSI telephone. These overlays can be selected by SDC actions or by various signals (events) occurring at the telephone.
Blueworx Voice Response supports both data types.
Blueworx Voice Response contains the following components to support ADSI devices:
Note: Blueworx Voice Response does not support sending ADSI data to an on-hook telephone.