Installing the IBM_Trombone application

To install the application and check that you can use the trombone operation on your system, follow the procedure given below:



  1. From the Welcome window, click on Applications —> Applications
  2. Importing the application : Click Application —> Import.
  3. Click the /usr/lpp/dirTalk/sw/samples/IBM_Trombone.imp file.

    The system displays the IBM_Trombone application icon.

  4. Creating an application profile: Open the Trombone application.

    The system displays the Application (IBM_Trombone) window.

  5. Click Object —> New —> Application Profile.

    The system displays the Application Profiles window followed by the Application Profile window.

  6. Type any name in the Name field (for example, “Trombone Example”).
  7. Click State Table —> IBMTromboneXmp
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click File —> Save.
  10. Specify the phone number to be used as the Application Profile ID.
  11. Click OK.
  12. In the Application (IBM_Trombone) window, click View —> Refresh.

    The system displays the Application Profiles folder, with the new Application Profile icon inside it.

  13. Starting the custom server: Open the Custom Server Manager window: Welcome —> Operations —> Custom Server Manager.

    The system displays the available custom servers in a window.

  14. Start the IBM_Trombone_Custom_Server: Run Status —> Start.

    The Run Status button should display Waiting after a short while.

  15. Running the application: Pick up Phone A's handset and dial the application profile ID.

    Blueworx Voice Response answers the call and prompts you to input a telephone number.

  16. Enter Phone B's number, followed by a # key.

    After a short delay, Phone B rings.

  17. Pick up Phone B's handset.

    The two calls are connected by the TDM bus completing a voice path between the two telephones.

  18. If phone B hangs up, or Phone A dials 1234, the trombone operation terminates and Phone A is prompted to enter another telephone number.

    If the trombone operation doesn't work, Blueworx Voice Response plays a “Technical difficulties” message, and hangs up the call with Phone A (and Phone B if the operation got that far).