This state table encapsulates the states needed to log debug data to a file. It first checks the logging_on flag to see if the supplied data should be sent to the log file. The data to be logged consists of a header string, followed by six general strings, which are all concatenated before being logged using a LogEvent action. The header string should contain the filename to which to log the data in the format required by the LogEvent action. The state table always returns edge 0 regardless of any errors.


Number logging_on:

A value of 1 means perform data logging; otherwise exit the state table without logging anything.

String header:

The header string for the logging function (should contain at least the filename in a format required by the LogEvent state table action).

String in1:

The 1st string.

String in2:

The 2nd string.

String in3:

The 3rd string.

String in4:

The 4th string.

String in5:

The 5th string.

String in6:

The 6th string.