This structure is used to pass parameter values to CA_Open_Music_Channel().

The number of the physical digital trunk. This value must be in the range 1 to 16 inclusive.
A character array containing a valid Music Title, the name of the music to be played on the channel.
Defines the maximum number of 4 KB buffers to use to store music data. The minimum value for this field is MIN_MUSIC_HIGH_WATER, the maximum value is MAX_MUSIC_HIGH_WATER, and the default is DEF_MUSIC_HIGH_WATER.
Defines the number of 4 KB buffers used to define a logical boundary. If the amount of data buffered falls below this amount, a CA_Poll() will indicate that more data is required if an underrun condition is to be avoided. The minimum value for this field is MIN_MUSIC_LOW_WATER, the maximum value is MAX_MUSIC_LOW_WATER, and the default is DEF_MUSIC_LOW_WATER.