Why create additional administrator profiles?

You might want to create additional administrator profiles because:

Language preference

An administrator profile specifies a language preference. The language preference determines both the language in which window text displays after you log on (discussed in Introducing window text) and the locale.

Access control

If everyone uses the same administrator profile, everyone has the same access privileges and this might not be desirable. For example, you might prefer to set up a profile for the system administrator (giving access to all the menu options) and another for voice application developers (denying access to System Configuration, Pack Configuration, Administrator Profiles, and perhaps some other options). For more information about what each menu option does, refer to the Blueworx Voice Response for AIX: General Information and Planning information, or the online help for the Welcome Window.

When you set up an additional administrator profile, you can control access as shown in Table 1. This table also shows how many people can use each menu option at the same time.