When to use System Configuration

You can use these procedures, either to set up your system the first time, or to reset any of the parameters to specific values, at any time. If you need an explanation of any of the parameters, see System parameters reference, or select Help when you are in the parameter window. For general instructions on setting parameter values, see Setting the value of a system parameter.

However, it is better that you use Pack Configuration first and use System Configuration only to fine-tune individual system parameters. This particularly applies to ISDN, and other common channel signaling protocols. (See Defining the telephony environment using Pack Configuration or wvrteleconf.)

Note: There are two interfaces provided for performing system configuration: Both of these methods allow configuration of all the telephony parameter types described in Parameters used to define channel characteristics, but wvrsysconf is additionally designed to be accessible to users of screen readers. For details of how to use wvrsysconf, go toUsing wvrsysconf to define telephony parameters.