Verifying the server node

Perform the following steps on the server:

  1. Start Blueworx Voice Response.

    If the Blueworx Voice Response Status window shows any problems, look in the error log for more information.

  2. Start the System Monitor:

    Welcome window —> Operations —> System Monitor

  3. Click one of the supplied application profiles:

    Welcome window —> Configuration —> Application Profiles

  4. Click one of the profiles that are listed, then:

    File —> Open

  5. Open the Voice Segment Editor:

    Welcome window —> Applications —> Voice Segments

  6. Click the U.S. English language.
  7. Click the System voice directory.
  8. Click segment 1 One, then Segment —> Open

    If the voice segment is displayed, the database connection is set up correctly and applications can communicate with the voice server.

    If the voice segment is not displayed, an alarm should be generated, indicating that the NFS export and mounts have not been set up correctly.

  1. If any of the steps above fail:Stop Blueworx Voice Response by using the DT_shutdown command.
  2. Retry the verification procedure.