Removing a server from the single system image

If you want to remove a server node from the single system image, perhaps only while you perform some maintenance on its hardware, you must unconfigure it from the single system image.

  1. Remove all the client nodes that use the server (see Removing a client from the single system image).
  2. Ensure that:
    • The system that contains the server node is running
    • Blueworx Voice Response is not running
  3. On the server node:
    1. Log in as the Blueworx Voice Response account (usually this is dtuser).
    2. Respond with 2 when prompted, to prevent Blueworx Voice Response from starting.
    3. Run the ssirmsvr command.

      If you want more information, see ssirmsvr command.

The system is now a stand-alone Blueworx Voice Response system. When you want to use the system as a server node again, follow the instructions that are given in Configuring a server node.

If you never want to use the system as a server node again (that is, you want to use it permanently as a stand-alone Blueworx Voice Response system), you must also remove the NFS exports. To do this, type the following NFS commands:

   rmnfsexp -d /home/dirTalk/current_dir/ca.local
   rmnfsexp -d /home/dirTalk/current_dir/voice.local