Configuring a pack

Telephony packs in Blueworx Voice Response, can be configured either using:

Both of these methods allow you to configure your telephony environment, whether or not you have knowledge of the various telephony protocols. Each method uses information about the telephony protocols for a large number of countries and switches. For example, the call progress tone values, used for outbound dialing, are set to the specifications used by your country's network or your PABX.
To configure telephony packs, you will need to enter some details about: This information is used to select values for system parameters.

The wvrteleconf utility is an ASCII version of Pack Configuration and is designed to be accessible to screen reader users. There are, however, some differences (see Differences between using the wvrteleconf utility and the Pack Configuration Menu). The utility also works well with speech input.

Like Pack Configuration, wvrteleconf provides: